Embers (in production)

A small community pursues a new identity in the post-industrial age. For almost a century, a coal mine stood next to the village of Edwinstowe in England. The pit closed in 2015, ending coal mining in Nottinghamshire.

The Carbon Farmer (2018)

Sound Recordist | Composer | Foley Artist | Sound Designer | Sound Editor
A hill farmer describes the way in which his family have traditionally managed their upland farm for generations. But when climate change loomed, they were forced to adapt while staying true to who they were. Set roughly 100 years from present day, this film presents a vision of a future where our farmers are rewarded for the excellent work they do as guardians of some of our most important places for nature.

The Day We Found The Bog (2018)

Composer | Foley Artist | Sound Designer | Sound Editor
A young child, her mother and her dog, Bill, explore the wonders of the natural world surrounding them. This beautifully hand-drawn animation captures the thrill of new discoveries as they unearth the delights of bogs and peatland – all of which is right on their doorstep.

High Water Common Ground (2017)

Sound Recordist | Composer | Sound Designer | Sound Editor

Extreme flooding events in recent years have devastated countless communities throughout the UK. It is only a matter of time before such destructive waters are seen again. From amidst this chaos, communities have pulled together more strongly than ever and opportunities have emerged to find new and innovative solutions to the threat of flooding.

The OceanMaker: CINE Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest (2017)

Composer | Sound Designer
Re-scored for the 2017 CINE Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest (Runner-Up: Emerging Category).

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

National Flood Forum: Campaign Videos (2017)

A series of five short films following several communities and the ways in which they are attempting to reduce the risk and impact of flooding events.

The Evolution of Madagascar (2016)

Composer | Foley Artist | Sound Designer | ADR Recordist | Sound Editor

Madagascar. The world’s oldest island.

To a young and enthusiastic ecologist this is a land of wonders, where life exists like nowhere else on the planet. But when his quest to find the world’s largest lemur reveals just how close to extinction the species is, he searches for reassurance that all is not lost.

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Re-scored for the 2016 CINE Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest.

When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously lucky Lou run into each other one morning, they find a thrilling and fulfilling change of pace as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ice-cream cart.

MINE (2016)

A dull tax inspector finds a mysterious, supernatural briefcase on his doorstep and is pursued and attacked by ‘threats’ whilst he tries to reveal its unattainable content.

Inner Rogues (2016)

Maeve, an ancient spirit, is trapped, attached to disaffected student Nick. Her only chance at being free comes when she finds another of her kind, but he is similarly trapped, and his host is Nick’s hostile ex-girlfriend.

Nelly and Noah (2016)

Nelly’s best friend suddenly tells her he’s moving away. Not knowing how to say goodbye, she attempts to find outlets for her anger. This is a quirky, coming of age story about a young girl who lives in a caravan with her grandmother, finding it hard to come to terms with the word ‘goodbye’.

Nominated for Best Short Feature at the RTS Student Yorkshire Awards 2016.

The Nightmare Room (2015)

Composer | Foley Artist | Sound Designer | Sound Editor
A husband confronts his unfaithful wife about her ongoing affair with a mutual friend. She attempts to hide her involvement, but as more of the poisonous trail points to her, will she confess?