The Evolution of Madagascar (2016)

The Evolution of Madagascar (2016)

Madagascar. The world’s oldest island.

To a young and enthusiastic ecologist, this is a land of wonders, where life exists like nowhere else on the planet. But when his search for the world’s largest lemur, the Indri Indri, leads him to discover just how close to extinction the species is, he searches for reassurance that all is not lost.

Narrated and presented by Andy Clark and featuring an original musical score composed by Peter Baumann, The Evolution of Madagascar explores the origins of life on the island and the threats currently facing its iconic species, addressing the ongoing issues surrounding human development, agriculture and deforestation. Filmed whilst on a conservation expedition across Madagascar, Andy experiences first hand the harsh reality of the evolutionary fight for survival.

With the help of conservationists, can we find a way to save it, before it’s too late?


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The Top of the Tree


Documentary, Feature


United Kingdom/Madagascar


April 13, 2016


Documentary, Feature, Non-Fiction, The Top of the Tree


October 1, 2017