Dating Mr Darcy (2016)

Dating Mr Darcy (2016)

Charlotte is an independent, career-driven, modern woman with a passion for the literary works of Jane Austen and the Brönte sisters. Their stories have shaped her ideal man with the likes of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff, and nothing less will suffice.
Persuaded by her best friend Alicia to get back into the dating game, she dates three men who turn out to be modern versions of her literary crushes. The dates are a total disaster, but Alex, the outgoing and charming bartender, comes to the rescue to put her experiences into perspective and to be the first man ever to make Charlotte laugh.
Is he, then, the One? Maybe not, as his fiancée and soon-to-be bride walks into the pub to sweep him away. With her though, is Alex’s brother Daniel, an awkward-looking but strangely attractive guy. Although very different from Charlotte’s ideal beau, perhaps reality can surpass the dream.


Sound Designer

Sound Editor


Federica Brizzi


Romantic Comedy, Short


United Kingdom


Sept 1, 2016


Federica Brizzi, Fiction, Romantic Comedy


October 1, 2017